Try Scuba Diving plus Snorkeling, plus Boat trip

For non certified divers.
The Discover Scuba program allows you to get in and experience scuba under the direct supervision of one of our instructors, without committing to the full certification program. With this program you will enjoy you first time on diving in a boat trip and you have the opportunity to enjoy some snorkeling first!You will get to breath underwater & use scuba equipment on a shallow dive (max 9 meters) - as well as learn some of the very basics of diving.

This program is about 5 hours total, including land instruction. It is not a certification program and does not qualify you to dive independently, but it is a perfect way to decide if scuba classes are right for you.

What is included:
- Scuba diving equipment
- Video instructions
- Boat diving
- Snorkeling
- Water and a snack during our break
- Insurance
- One leader for every two-three persons of the group
- Hotel transfer

- Morning and afternoon programs

- Taxes



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