Antikythira is a barren island of great strategic importance and small size (20 sq. Km) between Kythira and Crete, just 3,5 hours from Kissamos port. In an ancient shipwreck on the island found the teenager of Antikythera and the strange-geared complex mechanism for navigation, as astrolabe. On the island, the excavations are continuing and constantly found ancient and Byzantine findings.On the island as residents refer just 44 people which significantly increase in the summer!!

Visitors are able to stay in one of our boats. There are also rooms to let in private homes.In the two graphic small taverns of Potamos, you can taste the traditional flavors, like the local ibex, fresh fish and local wine. At the eveneing, all locals gather and taste the "mezedes" and drink wine galore. As another option you can have your dinnner in one o our boats..

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